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How to Find The Best (and Fair) Bingo Apps

Love bingo but don't have the time for organized Bingo Nights or other similar gatherings?

If so, mobile bingo apps are for you!

In an instant, you can access tons of bingo games and put yourself in the running for some serious cash.

Yet, as the market becomes filled with competitors offering similar gaming solutions, it's best to think twice before you click "Download." 

Today, we're breaking down a few things to look for when researching bingo apps so you can make sure you're playing on a site that's secure and legitimate.

Ready to learn more? Let's roll!

Establish Trustworthiness

To make sure your game isn't rigged, first check to make sure all your bingo apps feature a Random Number Generator or RNG.

This programming feature ensures that each number drawn is truly an arbitrary choice. Without an RNG, an app company could be setting its customers up to automatically lose, putting money in their pockets and leaving you with holes in yours.

Another way to check the integrity of your app?

Look for the guidelines on responsible gambling. The company should have detailed standards outlined on its site that delineate how players, including minors, are protected.

Any app that lacks an RNG or fails to include details on its company regulations, could be fraudulent, so avoid those and find ones that highlight fair play.

Ensure Industry Recognition and Credibility

If you're going to be gambling your money via a virtual app, you undoubtedly want the site to be as credible and reputable as possible.

To that end, check your bingo apps out to see that the company producing them is an industry-recognized entity with a solid reputation.

Dependable bingo apps are ones backed by U.K.-recognized online gambling platforms, such as Dragonfish.

As an agency that's recognized by the U.K. Gambling Commission with a certification from London-based testing agency eCOGRA, the name "Dragonfish" holds a ton of weight in the British online gambling sphere.

Look at your app's "About" page to find which platform supports it, and use that information to help your research.

Check for a Community

The best bingo apps don't leave you high and dry when you've got a question about a game or need some help maneuvering the site.

Rather, many provide an online community, typically in the form of chat rooms and online forums, where players can talk with each other, or with administrators, to learn more about the sport.

Some of the most successful apps also post team challenges and chat games to encourage interaction and player cooperation. They're also churning out regular blog content that's interesting, relevant, and helpful toward your winning streak.

So don't just look for a bingo app that lets you play, but offers no support beyond that. Seek out those that warmly include you into their circle and give you the knowledge you need to play well.

Keep Your Financial Data Secure

Whether you're purchasing your cards or receiving your payout, you'll be providing your sensitive banking information when using your bingo app. As such, you'll want to find sites that prioritize your financial security.

A recent global study found that 30% of consumers don't trust online retailers to keep their banking information secure against hackers and data breaches.

One of the main reasons why? The surge in worldwide data breaches. 

In 2016 alone, more than 4 billion personal records were stolen at the hands of cybercriminals.

To make sure you don't fall into that category, it helps to look for bingo apps that use SSL Protocol and protect your data with 128-bit encryption.

That way, when your financial data hits their servers, it's encrypted, meaning programmers can't decode it to hack into your personal data.

Once you find apps that provide this level of protection, you'll feel more confident entering your payment information, assured that it won't be manipulated or stolen.

Look for Variety

Sometimes you just want to play a simple game of traditional bingo (well, as traditional as you can get on a mobile device).

Yet, other times, you may want to mix it up a little and play a variety of different bingo games, each with its own twists, rules, and strategies.

You may also want to participate in a few side games to take the online gambling experience even further. Some of the most popular apps also feature related adventures, such as casino games, that up the ante and increase the fun.

Search for sites that don't limit you to just one or a handful of bingo games. Look for ones that can keep you busy for as long as you want, stretching your skills and challenging your methods along the way.

Doing so is another way to integrate yourself into the app's virtual community, so find a new favorite game and interact with other players as you navigate the different terrain!

Find Promotional Offers

Not sure if bingo apps are right for you? A site that offers introductory deals for newbies is a great place to start.

Some also offer promotions centered on monthly specials or sales that are specific to chat room players.

Regardless of the discount format, these sites are often player-focused and interactive -- exactly the type of environment that bingo should entail.

Routine specials don't just bring in new players, they also recognize and reward existing ones. So find your favorite app and stick around for a while. You could earn big and save big in the process!

Researching the Best Bingo Apps? Start Here!

We know you've got tons of options when it comes to researching bingo apps. The U.K. online bingo market is full of companies catering to players and their passions.

Yet, what sets us apart is an unparalleled devotion to our craft. 

We're tested, regulated, and certified by some of the top industry bodies and player security is our top priority -- followed quickly by player fun!

Check out a few of the bingo games we offer, and contact us if you have any questions. We'd love to connect and play!