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Your Guide to Bingo Jackpots

You could argue that one of the key reasons that players enjoy online bingo is because they can play in games that offer the chance to win big jackpots. Here at Big Tease Bingo, we have one of the finest ranges of bingo jackpot games around but how exactly do you find the games that are right for you as an individual player? There are plenty of things to consider so we've gathered some of our best bingo jackpot tips to help you get off to the perfect start!

Different Types of Jackpot Games

The key thing to remember is that there are different types of bingo jackpots so we've listed the types of games that you will generally find on Big Tease Bingo and others.

Sliding Jackpots

When you play sliding jackpot bingo games you can expect to compete for a variety of different prizes and these games will start out with a set jackpot that will slide down over time. This means that the prize will depreciate in value over time so you could consider these as scaled games. There will always be a minimum prize pool to play for so even if you don't manage the biggest call, you can still walk away with a prize.

Slots with Jackpots

Of course, not everyone wants to play just bingo all of the time which is why we offer a fantastic range of online slots as well. If you check out our promotions section then you will even be able to find some slots with jackpot prizes so there is also the opportunity to win big spinning the reels should you want to try something a little different to bingo.

Progressive Jackpots

You could argue that progressive jackpot bingo is the opposite to the sliding jackpot. With these games, the prize actually accumulates over time so the longer the prize isn't claimed by a player then the higher it will get. A lot of players will consider progressive jackpots to be the most exciting bingo games of all and we have several available here at Big Tease Bingo.

Coverall Jackpots

You can find coverall jackpot games in a lot of 75 ball bingo rooms across various bingo networks and we also have some available to enjoy. These games can be quite specific in terms of how you can complete a win so the key thing is to pay attention to the chat lobby before you begin to play them as you may be required to complete a specific pattern before you can take home the prize.

Guaranteed Jackpots

The clue is in the name and guaranteed jackpots are exactly as described - there is a guaranteed prize! With guaranteed bingo jackpots there will be a minimum prize to play for but often you will be able to claim even more than this should you manage to complete a specific bingo call. These games are also extremely popular so pre-buying tickets is advised for some of the busier games as they can get pretty busy!

Jackpot Promos

We've touched upon our promotions section already and this is where you can find a key number of jackpot games. All of these games are pretty popular so take a look around and you can pick and choose what you want to play. Remember to read the T&Cs for each game so that you totally understand what you have to do to win. Then you will be ready to play for the biggest cash prizes that we have to offer.

Insider Tips

This is a popular bingo site so it can be tricky competing in these games against so many players so here are some of our top tips to help give you the best possible chance of winning big.

Pre-Buy Tickets - We already mentioned this above but it really is an excellent way to get ahead of the game and give yourself a good chance of winning. The good news is that most games will let you buy more than one card so buy as many as your budget permits and then you will be ready to play.

Bonus Cash - These days bonus cash is a key component of online bingo and should you claim any bonus cash (welcome package, reload bonuses etc) then there are plenty of games of games that you will be able to compete in. However, wagering will most likely play a role here so make sure you understand the conditions that are set out before you use bonus cash.

Terms & Conditions - It may seem trivial and boring but we really would recommend reading the terms and conditions on Big Tease Bingo before you begin to play jackpot games as these can affect almost every aspect of the site. Reading them beforehand will save you time and effort later on and will give you a good knowledge of the site in general.

Best Jackpots on Big Tease

Now that you know how to play jackpot games effectively here are some examples of some of the games that you can find on Big Tease Bingo:

  • £1000 Stars is a guaranteed game every Saturday at 10pm with £1 BOGOF tickets.
  • Silver Streak guaranteed game every night at 8.15pm with £100 in cash!
  • Encore lets you play for £500 twice a week with £1 tickets.