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How to Play the Different Styles of Online Bingo

Most people associate bingo as the game your grandparents play in the retirement home. 

But the internet has evolved bingo into an online game that uses different gaming styles and offers bonuses while giving you the chance to socialize with other players.

Bingo is a game played by people of all ages. It's a favourite pastime for some and can be played by children for educational purposes. Competitive bingo players can earn money and other awards.

Bingo is especially becoming popular for audiences in the UK. If you're compelled to learn the different styles of online bingo, continue reading about bingo UK.

90-Ball Bingo

This form of bingo was popularized in the UK. It has grown into the most popular type of bingo, played in several countries.

The numbers are arranged on the card in three rows and in nine columns. Each row has a combination of squares with numbers on them and blank squares. The numbers are arranged in a random order.

There are six bingo cards in a 90-Ball bingo strip. The numbers on these cards range between 1-90.

To win, you need to get all numbers in a row. You can have a one-line win, a two-line win, and a three-line win. The three-line win is commonly called a 'full house'.

Prizes are offered to winners. These are usually cash prizes, some websites offer jackpots that can be worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

This game is so popular in the UK, unique card themes have spawned for 90-Ball Bingo UK. Examples include Britain's Got Talent Bingo.

80-Ball Bingo

This variation was also formed in the UK. 80-Ball Bingo is a combination of 90-Ball and 75-Ball Bingo. It's nicknamed 'shutter board bingo' because of the shutters that cover the numbers when the game is played in bingo UK halls.

The card has four squares across and four squares down, resulting in a total of 16 squares.

Each square also has a different colour: red, yellow, blue, and white. When a number is called, so is its corresponding colour. This makes finding numbers easy.

A bingo strip has five individual cards with numbers between 1-80. The format of the strips vary, depending on where you play this game; there could be four columns with 20 numbers or five columns with 16 numbers.

The winning patterns are determined by the place where you play the game. Most commonly, winners are determined if you mark all of the numbers on your card. 

In the UK, the winner is usually the first who gets a line or a pattern on their card. Cash prizes are offered for winners.

Even though this variation is a combination of the popular UK and American bingo styles, it's the least popular version.

75-Ball Bingo

This type of bingo is mainly played in halls in the United States. However, it's played just as commonly online, including in the UK.

A 75-Ball Bingo card contains 24 numbers in a 5x5 grid. There's a blank square in the centre of the card. This is used as a 'free square' to complete a winning line or pattern.

One of the most common features of 75-Ball Bingo is each letter of the word 'BINGO' making up a vertical row at the top of the card, each letter in a separate box.

The 'B' column has numbers 1-15, the column 'I' has numbers 16-30, the column 'N' has numbers 31-45, the column 'G' has numbers 46-60, and the column 'O' has numbers 61-75. 

The numbers are selected randomly; usually, the announcer will call the number with the corresponding letter. 

Winners are usually selected when the first player completes a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. Other variations include completing a pattern (a letter, number, symbol, etc.) and covering all numbers on their card.

Similarly to the other styles, 75-Ball Bingo offers cash prizes.

30-Ball Bingo

This is an extremely fast version of bingo UK. 30-Ball Bingo combines the popular styles of UK and US bingo. It's perfect for those who want a quick variation of the classic game.

Because of this, 30-Ball Bingo is nicknamed 'speed bingo'.

There are only nine squares, with three rows and three columns. Numbers between 1-30 will be called out.

Because the cards are so small, each number has to be ticked off. The first to have all numbers on their card called is the winner.

Fun Bingo Events

Like all other competitive games, competitive bingo UK engages in fun events. Here are a few of the classics:


With this fun style of bingo UK, the game, your card, and even the items on the card are seasonal. Familiar decorations and characters from holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, and Easter can be seen during these games.


In addition to cash prizes and jackpots, some companies have special travel offers to awards the winners. Examples include luxury resorts to exotic travel destinations.


Bingo players love the portability of bingo apps. Even if you're not at home, you can still play bingo while you're on your phone. You'll be able to have fun and make money while on the go.

Jackpot Events

Some companies even offer jackpot events. This helps spice up the classic bingo game while giving you an opportunity to earn extra money. Just keep in mind, these events have certain days and times so don't be late.

Social Opportunities

As with other gaming communities, bingo players have the chance to interact with each other.

You would think sitting in a room would inspire more social interaction. But it's actually the opposite; you're required to sit in silence and you're all focusing on your cards so you can find the number that is called.

Online bingo not only allows for chatting but there are settings where the system can automatically mark off the numbers that are called.

You can even play against your friends. Most bingo gaming systems have settings that allow you to play against a friend.

Because of this, bingo halls in the UK are decreasing since more bingo players choose to play online.

Time to Play Bingo UK

Bingo has increased in popularity due to its easy play and convenient way to make extra money. Because of this, online bingo systems are increasing and offer a variety of ways for you to have more fun with the classic game.

The top rated game in the UK is especially popular online, whether you're playing the classic 90-Ball style or a more modern style such as 30-Ball.

Are you looking for a great way to play online bingo? We offer the most popular bingo variations in the UK.