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5 Ways to Increase Your Odds in Online Bingo

Winning at bingo might seem totally up to chance. 

Seriously, science has shown that the odds are so rigid you might think there's no real strategy involved. You can only hope they call your numbers, right?

Well, that's not exactly what the data shows. 

There are ways that you can improve your odds. That might sound like a pipe dream. 

But it's not, seriously. Here's how to do it. 

1. Understand the Numbers 

Playing bingo online is one of the purest forms of gambling that exist today. 

With other forms of gambling, there are ways to clearly shift the odds in your favor, mathematically. 

Take counting cards in blackjack. That's one way you can calculate how to make the likelihood of winning the hand more likely. 

That's also why casinos call it "rigging," which they don't like you doing in your casino. 

Nobody will kick you out for winning in bingo online. There's simply no way that you might cheat.  

Still, there are plenty of ways you can increase your odds. Let's say that 20 users are in a bingo game, and every person has one card. 

In that room, you'll have a chance of winning that comes from being one out of twenty people. 

One out of twenty is .05, five percent. That means, on average, you'll have to play that game twenty times before you can be sure you'll win. 

The best way to improve your odds is to play with this percentage. And the quickest way to do that is to buy more cards. 

2. Buy More Cards

Let's say that we're back in that room of 20 players. Everyone, including you, has one card to their name. 

One out of twenty is still your winning probability. But, there is a way you can increase the top half of that fraction. 

If you buy a few more cards, your odds increase a lot. 

Let's say you buy four more cards, while everyone else still has one each. So, there are now twenty-five total cards in the game, and you own five of them. 

Returning to grade school for just an instant, what's five divided by twenty-five? That's right, twenty percent. 

So, your odds have shot up from five percent to twenty. Of course, you do have to pay more money for the four cards than one. 

But, out of the billions of dollars spent on gambling every year, that's not so bad. Plus, you're more likely to win now.

And there are ways to increase your odds without spilling bills. 

3. Find Rooms with Fewer Players

So, you know how to increase the number of cards you have in the game. But what about the bottom half of that fraction? 

It's possible to reduce the overall amount of cards in the game by finding games with fewer users. 

Everyone is tempted by the rooms with fifty people because the bingo online winnings will be very high. 

But one out of fifty? That's not a great likelihood for you. If you can find a room with fewer people, you'll increase your odds greatly. 

Seriously--it could triple your odds, all while you only have one card. To find a room with fewer people, just look at the number of people already there. 

Resist the temptation to join those big groups. Instead, go looking for a game when other people aren't online. 

That means off-hours like during a weekday or early in the morning. Try to find a window when it's just you and few others. Then you can start saving bucks. 

4. Look for Discounts

Plenty of great sites for bingo online know that they need to treat their players better than everyone else. 

That's why discounts and promotions exist that can change the game for serious players. 

Usually, for new players, some discounts apply to players who belong to a community and pay attention to what's going on within it.

If you're working with an overall budget, you know how valuable a few extra cards can be. It doesn't matter if you're a new player or an experienced one. 

By signing up for an excellent promotion, you've increased your odds. And you've done it while keeping your pocket lined quite a bit thicker. 

In that way, you've already won before you've actually won.  

5. Don't Push Your Luck in Bingo Online

OK, let's imagine that the victory moment finally happens. 

Whoa--you won! That's great, you're on a roll. Time to go right back to a new round, right?

Well, not so fast. The odds of you winning once are slim, but still possible. The likelihood that you win twice in a row is slimmer and less likely. 

The best move in a situation like that is for you to take your foot off the pedal.

It's not that you'll never win at bingo ever again. In fact, you probably will. You should come back the next time feeling good that you might duplicate your success.

You should be happy with the result. Take a break from bingo and tuck your fresh win away in a bank account. Or, if you're feeling in the mood, treat yourself to a nice treat. 

But the whole goal is to gamble until you win, not to gamble until you can't anymore. 

Go Win Some Bingo

Many people have tried to come up with a perfect system for winning online bingo. Some folks, like Joseph E. Granville, came up with a system that he deemed flawless. 

If you are a probability wiz, then you might have a shot at mastering his method. But his method is a bit controversial. It might not give you the edge for bingo online that you need. 

A better bet is to stick to the tips outlined in this article. With them in hand, you're closer than ever before to a sweet bingo payout. 

Feeling good about your online bingo odds? If you are, feel free to join our community of players. There are plenty of deals for new players and regular opportunities for you to take home a big prize. 

Good luck!