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Real Money Bingo

Here at Big Tease Bingo, we have one of the biggest ranges of PayPal bingo games around and there are jackpots to be won every single day when you play on our site. Real money games are, of course, the most exciting and getting your bingo fix is super simple here at Big Tease.

We have different games for different players but how exactly can you compete in the best jackpot games on our site? Our jackpot guide has all the key info on how to play bingo online for money and you will find it below.

75 Ball Bingo

This guide is all about winning big and that is why 75 ball bingo is top of our list. When you play real money bingo games and win there are generally two outcomes: you will either scoop the full jackpot or you will scoop a percentage of the jackpot. With 75 ball bingo, the game is played on a 5X5 card and the first player to complete the pattern described at the start of the game will win the jackpot.

Buying a ticket is easy, all you have to do is login to your account and enter the bingo lobby. Then all you have to do is click the 75 ball tab and you can see what games are available. Ticket prices vary but most of our 75 ball games cost around 10-20p to enter and the higher the player count, the higher the jackpot in most cases but you can play for well over £20 in most games.

90 Ball Bingo

You can play bingo for money and still have a good chance to win when you choose the 90 ball game. This is the perfect variant for beginners on our site and players can purchase tickets in the lobby under the 90 ball tab. Ticket prices vary massively with our 90 ball games and the jackpots can be pretty high too but remember the prize pot will be split when you play this game.

Playing 90 ball is easy you just need to fill out the numbers on your card that are called. A full house win will scoop the best prize but you can also win with a 2 line or 1 line win too. A lot of our 90 ball games cost as little as a penny but most of them will be priced between 5-25p and prizes are usually around the £50 mark although they can be much higher than this too.

Free Bingo for Real Money

We are really proud of the games that we offer here at Big Tease Bingo and one of the best features on the site is the number of free bingo win real money games that we have available on the site. We have free games with real cash prizes every day in rooms such as our Screen Test and Loyal Free rooms.

There are T&Cs to be aware of when you play our free games but generally you will find some nice cash prizes to play for with absolutely no ticket required by clicking the "FREE" tab in the bingo lobby. Prizes are more modest with free games but they are an excellent way to win real money that is totally risk-free and you can expect cash prizes of £1-5 in most cases with 90 ball and 75 ball free money bingo both available.

Special Bingo Jackpots & Events

In addition to our standard online bingo games, we also have plenty of special jackpot games and events to take part in. We've briefly described them below for your benefit.

Blockbuster - A real cash bingo game with a blockbuster £10,000 jackpot on the last Friday of every month at 8pm.

1000 Stars - There is a guaranteed £1000 prize every Saturday at 10pm and the best bit is that there are BOGOF tickets priced at a just a pound.

Grand Slam- It's time to hit one out of the park with £1000 in prizes on the 15th of every month at 8pm.

Encore - You can win up to £500 twice a week in this jackpot game. This takes place every Tuesday and Saturday at 10.45pm with £1 tickets.

Tinsel Town - Guaranteed prizes are the name of the game with this promotion. There is a £1000 sliding jackpot 7am-12am daily.

Hollywood Nights - A simple jackpot game that takes place every night at 9pm with a £150 cash prize.

Silver Streak - Another daily offer and this one plays out at 8.15pm every night and there is a guaranteed £100 prize to play for.

If you want to play real money games then just head over to our lobby!